Air Travel with My Babiie Pushchair

As a new parent, it can be challenging to get out and about on a trip with the baby it tows, especially alone. It is more challenging when you are travelling by air with a small baby. Despite this, many parents will never find it easy to leave their babies behind.

Travelling with my babiie pushchair more often than not minimizes my travel hassle. With the pushchair checked through the gate, the baby can comfortably sleep in the pushchair. You will even have time to grab some tea.

The Extra Space

The pushchair has accessories as hooks on the handle bar on which I can hang my small travel bag as I push it through the large airport space. There is provision of a basket under the seat to which I can stash my coat. The pushchair can also double up as my diaper bag. And there are many choices of pushchairs in the market that have adequate space for this.

To Check through or at Gate

I can always check my babiie pushchair at the gate for free when entering an airport. This affords me the advantage of using it during departure or arrival at airports. The downside is that I always tend to line up last at customs and immigration.

Alternatively, I can as well check it through. In this case, I need not worry about it until I get to the baggage claim area. However, I have to carry the baby in my arms or back through often large airport spaces.

Size Matters

If your lifestyle involves travelling often, then you need to consider buying a small sized pushchair. They can easily fit in less expensive rental car. A small size will be convenient as well if part of your journey involves jumping on the bus.